Defuzzing your winter warmers!

You want to stay warm and you want to look stylish, but this is difficult with bobbles all over your knitwear! Most people can spend a lot of money on their knitwear and let’s face it living here they need to last a long time or things can get expensive… especially for your classic knitwear which you do want to wear again and again rather than sending to the charity shop at the end of the season.

battery operated defuzzaSo what is the best way to extend the life of your knitwear? A defuzza… and if you are serious about it a battery operated one is the way to go. They provide amazing results with very little effort… such as the Battery Operated Knitwear Defuzza Shaver / Debobbler which includes a small cleaning brush to clean the head of the shaver and is SGS certified. It allows you to quickly and easily remove unsightly bobbles from knitwear. You could also consider the Defuzza Comb to carry in your bag at all times… simply use the comb over the problem area of the garment & let it extract all the fluff & fuzz with ease. Use light brush strokes with the comb and the garment must be pulled tight for a quick result. This Defuzza Comb is a handy size for travel being only 8 cm x 4.5 cm ( 3″ x 1 3/4″ ).

sweater stoneA Sweater Stone is a natural – like pumice stone that renews the look & lustre of garments. You use it by gently brushing the stone across the garment and is ideal for Sweaters, Suede, Cottons & most Synthetic Knits. A very effective knitwear defuzza and all natural & environmentally safe. This Sweater Stone is supplied in a useful storage container.

Keep an eye out for how else you can extend the life of your knitwear in my next article!

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