Catch the colour and save your clothes!

When you need something done properly you go to an expert don’t you? Well Dylon are colour experts. It’s as simple as that. Which is why we are no

Refilling your Pet Hair Roller Brush

You may remember in a previous article I mentioned why the handle of a Lint Roller is so important… owning a roller with a removable handle provides

Sweater Bags Back in Stock!

There are many storage bags we have that are very popular, but probably the most popular with customers is the Sweater Bag, which is now back in stock

Sort your washing before the wash and save time after!

So I recently wrote about the mismatched socks problem and how Little Feet Sock Pairers are the brilliant little product that ensures no more hunting

Mulled Wine Disaster!

My parents recently told me how they invited their neighbours over for a Christmas drink… this included their young children and it wasn’t long be

Fed up losing your socks in the wash? We have a solution!

Most people may think that walking around with mismatched socks is just a fact of life and the only explanation seems to be that ‘my washing machine

Lint Rollers – want quality and value for money? It’s all in the handle…

Most pet owners know about the benefits of having a good quality Pet Hair Remover Product – there are many to choose from, but one of the main prior

Need to hang your clothes up when travelling?

Don’t get caught out when you’re travelling or when staying at a hotel (when you get there you realize that they have only provided a couple (or n

Save on bills the simple way

The best home to come to on these cold winter nights, is a warm one… if you can have a lovely smell greet you when you open the door more the better

Extend the life of your knitwear!

I mentioned in my last article the best ways to defuzz your knitwear from unsightly bobbles… but it doesn’t end there. If you really want your win