Christmas Decorations: The When, the Why and the How!

There’s no better way to get excited about Christmas than starting the time-honoured tradition of decorating your home… and I don’t just mean the kids, I know that once I’ve decorated my house it’s officially Christmas… but like many others I never really know when I should start.

People used to decorate their homes on Christmas Eve, but these days the tradition of 12 days before and 12 days after is still popular with many. There are many superstitions regarding Christmas Decorations some of which have been retained (we still hang mistletoe in the belief that luck favours those who kiss under it and goes against those who avoid it.) Nevertheless some people feel that decorating is rather a pointless task, but lets remember that not only does this time-honoured tradition go back to pre-Christian times… it also makes us feel excited about forthcoming festivities (even for those who make a fuss about it but still do it!)

Perhaps for those people I can offer some time saving tips on how to decorate your home and still have time to get a bit of gift-wrapping done too! Decorating the tree is the obvious decoration to start with – but the way you put away your tree decorations is an important part to making this easy. Don’t just throw your lights and baubles into a carrier bag when taking them down (you know who you are!) – make life easier by untangling lights and boxing your tinsel and baubles separately. Top tips for decorating include the following:

  • Have a theme, for example stick to one colour
  • For tree decorations think about proportion – put larger decorations at the bottom and smaller ones at the top of the tree. The same applies to your other decorations too
  • Hang Christmas cards down door and window frames for a quick and easy way to add some colour – not only is this a cheap way to decorate rooms, it also adds a personal element to your decorations. Make this even easier with Christmas Card Hangers such as Velcro® Hanging Card Kit
  • Tinsel and beads don’t need to be kept to the tree – attach them to banisters and picture frames with Velcro® Christmas Decoration Clips

Make your Christmas decorating even easier by checking out our range of new Velcro® products. For Christmas gift ideas visit Caraselle Direct – an online shopping website full of great homecare solutions.

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