Shoes : An important part of your wardrobe

Shoe Racks, Boot Shapers, Shoe Accessories

Shoe Racks, Boot Shapers, Shoe Accessories

Footwear is clearly what defines a person, and should be given more heed to than even clothes, since they need to be constantly polished, kept spot free, aired, to ensure their long life. Following are some tips on how to maximize the life of your favourite shoes.

The complete personality of anybody is not complete without great shoes or footwear, and to maintain them, requires proper care in terms of how they are kept, polished, and so forth. Following are a few handy tips to make sure you take proper care of an important angle of your overall personality.

  • Always make sure you store shoes properly in shoe organizers. These could be racks, or trees, wherein shoes are kept/hung pair by pair so as to reduce any chances of the dirty soles of one soiling the upper side of another. Besides, such a practice also helps you to keep them in a very clean and proper state by giving them proper air.
  • Another advantage of using organizers is that shoes are always easily accessible, and you can know as to which shoe is not in a proper condition to be worn and needs to be replaced, or stained and needs to be polished. Further, this also helps in making sure that in case due to some infection one pair of shoes is smelling, the smell does not pass on to the other shoes.
  • Always ensure that you air your shoes once a month, or better still, every fortnight. This is done by leaving them out for a couple of hours in the sun to make sure that any chance of infection is eliminated, and also helps shoes with special material like suede, etc. in staying in a good condition.
  • In case of leather shoes, make sure that they are polished once in every 4-5 days, regardless of whether they are used that often or not, since this helps in keeping the shoe material in a good condition, and also allows it to hold on longer.
  • In case of shoes with alternative material like suede or nu buck leather, make sure they get sufficient air, and spray them with the recommended spray from the a good dealer or the shop from where you purchased it. These kind of shoes have a greater tendency to get spoil due to the sheer nature of their material.
  • Make sure that you always use shoe horns to put on your shoes. Often, it is only the backside of the shoe that gets damaged, purely because of our inherent habit of stuffing our foot whenever we are in a hurry. Keep the shoe horn handy, maybe in the shoe racks for example, and you might save your shoes a good year and a half. is a UK-based website that provides a wide range of shoe-care accessories and equipment for storage. The prices are some of the most attractive ones and the products come directly from the leading brandnames in the country.

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