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Storage Bags

Storage Bags

Clothes are a very important aspect of our personality, and hence, it is most imperative that one makes sure that they are taken care of properly. Every year, there is the same cycle of putting in old clothes and taking out the next season’s clothes. Besides a few instructions for winter clothes that always demand extra care while washing and storage (such as the use of sweater bags), there are a few standardized procedures one must follow before storing clothes in closets, almirahs, etc.

The first and foremost important point is to make sure you have properly washed them. Although this might seem like a very normal instruction, and you might say ‘what’s so special about this’, but the fact is that while day-to-day washing can allow you to be a little careless while the washing procedure is taking place, once you want to stack clothes in storage bags for 6-8 months, you better make sure that they are cleaned properly. For instance, in case of shirts, make sure the collars as well as the cuffs are absolutely dirt free. In case you want to be sure, you can also take external help by sending them to a laundry (yes, it is expensive, but necessary in case you are in doubt of your cleaning capability). This is mainly because just in case there are some stains left, they either would become so permanent by the time you take the clothes out the next time that you won’t be able to remove them, or they would weaken that specific portion so bad that even the slightest of wear and tear would do irreparable damage. Further, there’s also the fear of moths and other insects, that always seem to get attracted more to dirty clothes. Which reminds me, that you also need to put in anti-moth balls while storing clothes, besides keeping the storage area clean.

The last point is for the proper kind of storage bags; you must use particular bags meant for the purpose, like suit bags for suits, plastic bags would go with almost anything, duvet storage bags in case you want to allow the clothes to breathe a little, and so on. Further, there are also various underbed storage bags available these days, to make sure you get them particular to the way you want them to be stored.

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