Put hemming to anything in minutes : Wundaweb comes to the rescue

Putting hems to almost any item is quite a task in itself, and more so if you are not the stitching types or need the stuff quickly. Here, a wundaweb tends to be most helpful, and allows you to attach hems to almost anything in under one minute.

Change is something that is constant in life, and the same applies to everything we have around us. For instance, many times you get a good job opportunity and need to migrate to another city, country, or home. Under such cases shifting your stuff is quite a task in itself, but when it comes to altering your fittings with specifications to your new home, that is where one gets really irritated, particularly when your job is a traveling one and you need to keep on traveling, staying at different places for 1-2 years. Even if it is a rented place (which is the most logical option, unless you are extremely well off financially), there are certain elements like curtains that might not always be present, and you might need to carry them. However, not all windows are alike, and hence, you might often have to be faced with a situation when you have purchased a curtain for 10 feet, whereas your new home has the same of just 8 feet. One option can be to buy new curtains, but if you are a person who can’t stay at a place for long, buying new curtains every year is not a wise option (although an expensive one!). The solution to all such problems is a wundaweb.

Simply put, a wundaweb is a soft nylon fleece that is feels like a gauze, and comes wrapped around a card for smaller lengths and in a roll kind of shape for longer lengths. It bonds the fabric together and is washable and dry cleanable. The main advantage of this wonderous invention is that it allows you to ‘create’ your own hems fast and easy, perfect if you are not really the stitching types (and even if you are, it does stay long enough to be of great help). Besides, it also saves you quite a substantial amount by not needing the piece of fabric to be given for stitching. Top use a wundaweb, all one needs to do is to create one’s own ‘hem’ and crease it by the means of a hot iron. Then, cut out the desired length of wundaweb and cover the folded hem completely with it, and place it on the area where you need the hem to be created. Then, take a damp cloth, place it on top of the wundawebbed hem, and place a hot iron over the same for around 10-12 seconds. Do not iron along the hem. Instead, just press it firmly on the cloth, and allow it to cool. Once the cooling is done properly, you may remove the cloth and find a proper hemming done on the curtain. However, sometimes it does happen that the web sticks to the bottom of the iron. In such cases, you must immediately take a dry cotton and wipe it clean, otherwise it would result in a sticky residue on the plate of your iron, and you run the risk of having the same on any of the clothes you iron hereon. Further, in oreder to again extend your curtain to fit longer lengths, all you need to do to break the bond is to place the damp cloth again, out a hot iron for 10 seconds, and just peel apart the fabric.

A wundaweb can also be used to put hems on other fabrics like jeans, skirts and dresses, and works on mostly all the fabrics, though velvet or pile fabrics are not preferred ones to use the same.

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