Lint : The worst enemy, with a simple solution

Clothes Brush

Clothes Brush

Very often, it so happens that we have a very important meeting or interview, and that is precisely when everything starts to fall apart. The toast burns, the dog won’t let go of your trousers, you find out that there has been an emergency power cut, and so on. While many of these situations seem o be out of hand and happen very infrequently, one of these happenings can be rued rather easily. That problem is lint.

Yes, we have all experienced it. As soon as we put on our favourite shirt for that perfect impression, we notice that there is lint at certain areas, and nothing can be more irritating, particularly if it’s a dress code kind of a thing or you had planned specially for the dress to look that way. This can happen most often in case of suits. When the perfect shirt does not match due to problems of lint, you need to have a solution at hand. A lint roller is a perfect answer to this.
Simply put, a lint roller is a one-sided adhesive paper roll available with a spindle and handle. To use, all you have to do is to roll it on the areas from where you need to remove lint, and the adhesive paper will attract all the pieces, thus leaving your shirt, or any other piece of clothing, spotless. Once the paper/roll has completed its work and needs to be changed, you can replace with another roll available as a separate piece in the same spindle. Animal owners are particularly familiar with this problem, and a lint roller makes for the perfect blessing in case you have a habit of hugging your pets goodbye, or have enthusiastic pets who always have a habit of staying close to you and hopping on to your lap whenever they get the opportunity. Further, lint rollers can also be a great way to remove other small attachments like dandruff flakes, etc. from your clothes. However, one major precaution to take care of is that you use the lint roller only on dry areas, since a wet portion of clothing can damage the adhesive coating on the roller. is a UK portal that caters to various shopping and household needs of people, with a wide range of clothing care accessories like lint roller, clothes brush etc. for animal hair removal and other types of lint.

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