Bathroom accessories : Important aspects that we ignore

Bathroom Accessories - Caraselle Direct

Bathroom Accessories – Caraselle Direct

Often, we take many important aspects of our home for granted, and don’t realize the importance they hold in our lives. However, that does not negate the vital role they play in our day-to-day activities. Bathrooms are one such section of the house that needs proper attention, but is seldom given the same. How many of us remember the last time we considered revamping our bathroom with some new accessories over our bedroom or living room? I don’t think many would give a positive answer to this one, but nonetheless, since we spend at least half an hour every morning in this part of the house, and other family members do the same too, it is perhaps important to give some attention to it.

Lighting : There is a most important requirement of proper lighting in the bathroom, particularly near the mirror, since we spend time brushing our teeth and shaving over there, two activities that need the maximum light. An ideal arrangement is where there is a window adjacent to the mirror, so that there is plenty of natural light coming in as well. Further, appropriate number of bulbs/tubes, etc. need to be installed so as to give the maximum light.

Bath area : The bath area must first and foremost be kept clean, and should also suit your taste. For example, if you are not much of a shower fan, and prefer to have a bath tub installed instead and also have the resources to do so, then you must go ahead with the same, since it would help you bring a positive start to the day, by doing things how you want to.

Accessories : Now we come to another important aspect; accessories. These are small fixtures that even though are quiet ordinary to look at, yet their importance in a bathroom is vital. Following is a list.

Undersink cabinet : Placed under the wash basin, and under sink cabinet might not be the most pleasant addition to your bathroom, but is important nonetheless to store supplies such as toothpastes, soaps, cleaning liquids, etc., and since you would certainly not want sanitary equipment to be out in the open, an undersink cabinet serves the purpose quiet well.

Toilet roll holder : One needs to have a toilet roll holder to avoid inconvenience every morning of having to unroll manually and having the risk of the entire thing just slipping out of hand and covering the entire bathroom with toilet paper.

Towel rails/racks : It is most important to have a towel rack or holder. Not only is it elegant to look at, but also gives a defined place to keep towels for everybody. A freestanding towel rail can also solve the purpose.

So there you have it, a list of all the essential parts of your bathroom. There might be a few more but according to me, these are the ones that need the most primary attention. is famous UK portal that deals in various types of bathroom accessories. All the vital additions to one’s bathroom in terms of quality products at the most competitive rates can be found on the portal.


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