Pet hair remover – Protect your clothing from Pet’s hairs

Pet hair remover

Pet hair remover

All cat and dog owners know the problem – for cleaning cat and dog baskets, pet’s blankets, upholstery, car seats, carpets and rugs. We love them but they leave hairs and smells around the home and sometimes our guests are allergic to them!

Removing pet hair is one of the issue that comes with having a pet as part of the family. If you have pets that shed then you definitely have a pet hair problem in your home. Now there’s a solution – Pet Hair Remover, Sticky Rollers, and refills.

Lint Roller by Caraselle Direct
• The very best Sticky Roller Brush available
• Manufactured to our specification
• 7.5 meters ( approx 25 ft ) of very adhesive paper
• Easy to use sturdy handle
• Refills available with our Multi-Pack.
• The ultimate fluff remover


Saves Time: It is very easy to use and in minutes you can remove all the pet’s hairs from blanket, carpet, sofas and other place, so overall it saves the time.

Economical: Caraselle Direct offers very economical lint rollers and after use, no need to buy another roller just remove the brush and use roller brushes by Caraselle.

Safe to Use: It is very safe to use. No hard work and no harmful for clothes.

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