Common Faqs on Hangers

There are many types of Specialty Hangers that can be used to fit specific needs of clothing items. There are hangers with clips, hangers with garment specific notches, streamlined metal hangers, and decorative hangers of all kinds.

Over door Hanger

Shoulder Line Hanger
Single Clip Non-Slip Hanger
Ivory Padded Satin Hanger
Plastic hangers
Overdoor Hangers
Wooden Hangers with Clip Bar
Bendy Hangers

How do I hang my Trousers properly ?

Hang your Trousers by the Turn-Ups with our Trouser Clamp Hangers. There is a lot more fabric around the waist & therefore the weight pulls the material downwards & helps the creases to drop out. You can also use our various Hangers with Clips to do the same job

Not enough height in your wardrobe to hang your Trousers full length ?
Use our Non-Slip Trouser Hangers &  our Wooden Hangers with a Non-Slip grip Trouser bar

Need to make better use of your wardrobe space ?
Caraselle have various Space Saving Hangers to maximize your hanging space.

Jackets with wide shoulders?
Use our Shaped Wooden Suit hanger or Combination Hanger – both with chunky shoulder design

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