Net Washing Bags for Garments

Net Wash Bags for garments

Net Wash Bags for garments

Buy a wash bag. Its very cheap nowadays and as made of a mesh like material, It will allow the cloths to be washed and cleaned whilst keeping them from snagging, or being stretched while its getting wash in the machine.

After the wash never wring out your delicate, and never toss them into a dryer. Instead hang dry them, but not in full sun as this will fade the color.

If you really have to use the dryer, make sure it is set to cool and again, place your items in a wash bag before putting them in the dryer.

When washing clothing made from wool, use net bags. Place the clothing item in the net bag, then place it in the washer in the delicate cycle. When the wash is done, hang or lay flat to dry. This works even for clothes that say to hand wash only.

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