Cedar Wood is the natural moth repellent

Finding Holes in your Sweaters? You’ve got Moths!  They hate Cedar and Orphea

Cedar scent smells great to humans, but is repulsive to moths, which makes it an excellent
Moth Fighter. The cedar oils last about 6 months, and are encased so no oils come in contact with delicate garments. The safe and natural way to eliminate odours in wardrobes, drawers and shoes.

At the end of each season, put knitwear in your wardrobes cleaned, as this helps deter moths, and then put them in sweater bags, duvet bags or underbed storage bags for protection.

We have an increasing problem with certain types of Moths that can caus

Moth Repellents

Moth Repellents

e major damage to garments made of Natural fabrics.

We recommend a combination of protective Garment Covers / Bags and some of our extensive Moth Deterrent products.

Cedar Wood is the natural moth repellent and we have many products based on cedar. Hang your clothes on our exclusive Cedar Wood Hangers.

The products are safe to use, non-toxic & non-carcenogenic.

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